AEP Training Center Tours

On the registration site, you will have an opportunity to purchase a ticket to tour the The AEP Transmission Training Center. This state-of-the-art learning facility was designed specifically to provide technical and professional skills instruction for transmission line mechanics, station electricians, and protection and control (P&C) technicians. Industry standard and customized training programs in each discipline provides dynamic learning opportunities at all skill levels through demonstration and hands-on learning.

AEP Training Center

The facility consists of a highbay training area with two sub- transmission bays, interconnecting overhead lines, and a tapped distribution station with two feeder breakers. The lines and buses can be energized at 120V three-phase by simulation circuits. All equipment on the circuits in the high bay has associated protection and control equipment which is located in a control room. A 14 acre transmission line training area is located behind the building with line sections including:

  • 765kV with guyed V and self-supporting suspension towers
  • 345 kV with BOLD and self-supporting suspension towers
  • 345kV Energized line to conduct Bare Hand Training
  • 138kV and 69 kV with a variety of wood pole structures

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Time Slots:

June 25

  • 9am-12pm – 50 guests
  • 2pm- 4pm – 50 guests

June 27

  • 9am-12pm – 50 guests
  • 2pm- 4pm – 50 guests

Tour Requirements:

All tour guests are required to wear closed toe shoes with a defined heel. High heels, wedges, or open toe shoes are not permissible. AEP will provide all guests with the appropriate personal protective equipment (hard hats, safety glasses).