Attendee Testimonials

“The IEEE ESMO presents a unique opportunity for power industry professionals to come together in a location where they can listen to presentations on industry practices and issues; attend the general IEEE meeting and learn about topics that affect the industry in areas of safety, maintenance and general operations; browse the indoor trade show at the convention center; visit the outdoor exhibits on a variety of services; and have side discussions with your peers around a cup of coffee or snack discussing particular issues.”
Alan Holloman, vice president of operations at Power Grid Resources, Inc.

I highly recommend this conference. Great information and networking opportunities.”
Samuel Stonerock, SCE-T&D Senior Advisor

“Anytime you can get people together to network and discuss leading practices is a good endeavor. We can learn from one another instead of re-creating the wheel every time our industry changes, which is frequently. This is an interconnected industry, and it is only by working together that we are able to keep the lights on for the American people.”
Mark Gabriel, administrator and CEO of Western Area Power Administration

“I have been fortunate to attend every ESMO Conference since 1976. It is a unique conference in that it is truly “hands on” and practical. The thing I like the most is the ability to network with linemen and operating personnel, and to get their input on new methods and technologies. I always come away from an ESMO conference learning something new that has helped me over my career in this industry.”
Dr. Keith Lindsey, President, Lindsey Manufacturing Co.

“I have been to several ESMO Conferences and find it to be a unique experience. There are two days of panels, discussions and very useful information on utility safety, operations and maintenance issues. Then there are two days of outdoor demonstrations, the latest line and substation equipment and work practices and show and tell outdoor vendor booths. It is an excellent experience for operating and design engineers, field supervisors and future supervisors to broaden their perspective, interact with vendors and other utilities.”
Chris Root, COO, VELCO